Frequently Asked Questions

Lake Mat
Do I have to move a LakeMat?
No, but it’s a good idea for a few reasons. 

First, once you move it you’ll reveal a clean, clear, natural lake bottom with no weeds. It’s much nicer (and more interesting) to look at a real lake bottom rather than a Mat.

Second, you’ll get rid of a lot more weeds over the summer. If you leave a Large LakeMat in one place, it covers close to 32 square meters. If you move it once a month you’ll have about 120 square meters of weed-free area by August.

Third, moving it through the water washes much of the sediment off that’s landed on it. If enough sediment builds up over time, it creates a base for weeds to start growing on top.

How often should I move LakeMat?
On average, you should move it once a month throughout the growing season. It takes about four weeks for submerged weeds (that grow underwater) to die and decay completely. There are many factors, like: the types of weeds, time of year, the amount of sunlight, water depth, water clarity, dissolved oxygen levels in the water, even water temperature. But on average, once a month.
Other lake weed mats cost less, why is LakeMat better?

Several reasons. Our fabric — frames — design — and our guarantee!

LakeMat’s fabric 

Our exclusive, gas-permeable fabric allows gases like methane to pass through. Other mats are made of materials that trap gases; they tend to float. LakeMat fabric is made specifically for underwater use. Others use various types of plastic sheeting.

LakeMat’s frame 

Our frame is smooth, aluminized steel enclosed in the Mat fabric. Others have you buy rebar to insert. Rebar is rusty, has sharp ends, it’s soft, bends easily and rebar splinters are a bummer. Some want you to pour sand in their mats; they send you a funnel.  

LakeMat’s design

Our patented system assembles in 5 minutes. The frame holds LakeMat square, taunt and firmly on lake bottoms and allows you to move it easily.

LakeMat’s 10-Year, 100% Guarantee

Our superior materials and patented design make LakeMat the finest lake weed control mat, by a country mile. They’re built to last.

LakeMat is the finest weed control mat, not the cheapest

Which would you rather have: the best or the cheapest? We choose to be the highest quality. Others choose to be cheaper. 

What is a LakeMat?
LakeMats are large mats that rest on your lake bottom that eliminate all your lake weeds exactly where you want. Made of tough, non-woven geo-textile fabric on a rugged aluminum-coated, steel frame, they come in three sizes:

Small (4 x 4m), Medium (4 x 6m), Large (4 x 8m)

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